Renault ZOE Z.E

Simply revolutionary...

Rediscover the pleasure of driving, with Renault ZOE. With cutting edge technology, and a revolutionary range, join the electric revolution.

Renault Zero Emissions.....always a step ahead

Renault Z.E. has been pushing the boundaries of innovation since revealing the Z.E. concept car in 2008. Since then, we have been fulfilling our commitment and developing our technology so that our vehicles stay at the front of the electric vehicle market. Finally, in 2016, we have launched ZOE with the Z.E. 40 battery, that gives ZOE revolutionary 250 miles NEDC range* – a true milestone in affordable electric vehicles.

New Z.E. 40 battery

The new Z.E. 40 battery was developed by Renault with a revolutionary technology which doubles the capacity of the lithium-ion battery, in exactly the same dimensions! 250 miles NEDC* on one charge, with the same benefits as the 22kWh battery, such as simple recharging, no required maintenance and easy recycling at the end of its life. Located under the floor to lower the center of gravity, the battery has no impact on either roominess of the car or on the boot volume. ZOE offers 100% torque from start, a quiet motor, no gear changes or petrol stations, and relaxed driving pleasure.

Easy Electric Life

Electric mobility does not have to be more complicated than fuel-powered cars. Far from it, electric power comes as second nature in most areas of our lives - have you ever thought about filling up your smartphone with fuel? Your car does not need to be very different from a phone. Simply put it on charge before you go to sleep, and you know it will be ready for you in the morning.

The ZOE Experience

We were amongst the first manufacturers to launch a range of affordable 100% electric vehicles. Because we have years of experience helping customers to integrate electric vehicles into their lives, we are now more than ready to make the electric revolution easy and accessible for everyone. And we have a community of happy ZOE customers to prove it. See the "Will the ZOE fit my lifestyle?" page in our downloadable brochure to see what they think.


*Homologated range according to NEDC test cycle, for comparison purposes, 250 miles, and may not reflect real life driving results. See Driving Range page for more information. ** Renault: number 1 EV brand in Europe January 2015 - December 2015.

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